History and Mission

Where We Live:

  • Eastwood lies between Peavy and Easton, from Lake Gardens to Lake Highlands, in the tall trees along the Dixon Branch of White Rock Lake.

Who We Are:

  • Eastwood Neighborhood Association (ENA) is a Texas non-profit comprised of voluntary members who reside in the Eastwood neighborhood.

ENA Mission:

  • To keep the beauty, security and quality of life in Eastwood vibrant through volunteer commitment. Founded in 1997, ENA strengthens community and promotes fellowship through events, activities and outreach. It coordinates with neighborhood associations and other civic groups in East Dallas, and fosters good working relationships with city and county government entities that impact the neighborhood.


  • Host gatherings, events and initiatives that encourage an active community.
  • Foster the beauty, recreation and naturalist potential of our open spaces, Playground Park, and the Dixon Branch greenbelt corridor.
  • Provide online and in-person opportunities for neighbors to communicate about topics of mutual interest.
  • Build interest of residents in the welfare of the neighborhood and awareness of neighborhood issues.
  • Enhance the natural environment of the riparian greenbelt corridor and the beauty of public garden spaces.
  • Enhance neighborhood security through Crime Watch activities and an active Volunteers in Patrol program.

Major Recent Accomplishments:

  • Fundraising, purchase and erection of Eastwood street sign toppers.
  • Fundraising, design and construction of Playground Park amenities.
  • Fundraising, design, construction and maintenance of Entry Garden and sign at Peavy and Creekmere.
  • Closure of Whitehaven at Lake Gardens for traffic safety, and fundraising, construction and maintenance of raised garden for beautification.

Current Goals:

  • Assist in development of creative solutions to flooding issues along Dixon Branch.
  • Aid first responders by encouraging residents to post full address in the alley.
  • Increase recreation attractions for all ages at Playground Park.

Eastwood Events:

  • Easter Egg Hunt.
  • Neighborhood Night Out.
  • 4th of July Parade and Picnic.
  • State of the Neighborhood Meetings in May and November.
  • Nature walks and activities in Playground Park and the greenbelt.
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