ENA general meeting — Thursday, November 16 from 7 to 8:30 pm or so


Nestled in the the tall trees between Peavy and Easton, spanning from Lake Gardens to Lake Highlands, along Dixon Branch near White Rock Lake in Dallas.

Help keep our neighborhood safe!
Become a Volunteer in Patrol (VIP) member.
Learn about going on patrol at our VIP Page.
Donate here to keep it functioning.


Enhancements, erosion control and maintenance of the greenbelt along Creekmere are made possible by our Riparian Committee.
Contact Michael Parkey to volunteer.
Donate here to help with materials and services.


    What Your $20 Dues Make Possible

    • New neighbor baskets
    • Identifying sign toppers
    • Our entry signs and gardens
    • Improvements to Playground Park
    • Website
    • Newsletters
    • Vital behind the scenes items like a post office box and printed materials
    • Encouragement to our volunteers (they do not receive any money, they just feel appreciated)


    • Everyone in Eastwood is welcome at all Eastwood Neighborhood Association activities.
    • Prizes from events held are available to all who attend, not just members.
    • If you enjoy the activities, consider joining us as a member to help us do more.
    • Thanks for choosing Eastwood as your home and we are glad you're here.
    Perks of Membership
    • Vote in elections and other matters requiring votes
    • Run for the Board of Directors and committee positions
    • Access to Member Directory in website
    • Create and participate in online forums

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