Volunteers in Patrol (VIP)

Volunteers in Patrol (VIP)

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This fund is separate  from the ENA operating fund.

Volunteers in Patrol reduces crime by having citizens patrol our streets and alleyways in a marked vehicle with an amber patrol light. Patrols may also walk, bicycle or motorcycle. They report any suspicious or criminal activity to the police by calling 911. Proven to reduce crime, criminals avoid areas with active patrols.

We need you in Eastwood VIP!

Under the excellent leadership of Darrell Wood, it has won awards and been a mentor to other VIP groups. For details on Eastwood VIP, contact the current coordinator by visiting the Board of Directors page.

Prior to participating in the program, you must successfully complete the training class provided by the Dallas Police Department. All potential volunteers must complete an application, sign a waiver of liability and confidentiality agreement, and pass a criminal background check conducted by the DPD’s Neighborhood Patrol Officers Unit.

For more information on VIP and other Dallas Police volunteer programs, visit their web page.

Requirements to be a Dallas Police volunteer

  • Be at least 21 years old
  • Never been convicted of a felony
  • No outstanding warrants or tickets
  • Be a member of a Crime Watch or neighborhood group
  • Have a valid Texas driver’s license or ID card, and Social Security card
  • No misdemeanor A or B convictions in the past 5 years or DWI convictions in the past 10 years