Eastwood Wildlife

Eastwood Wildlife

Eastwood’s tall trees and riparian corridor along Dixon Branch, and its proximity to White Rock Lake, graces our neighborhood with plentiful wildlife. The woodland mammals such as opossums, raccoons and skunks are joined by foxes and the occasional bobcat and coyote. The large trees attract a variety of owls and other raptors, and many species of songbirds. Amphibians and reptiles reside in moist shady areas and near backyard ponds. Information below can help everyone live in harmony with wildlife.

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Coexisting With Urban Wildlife

from: Dallas Animal Services (City of Dallas)

If you find what appears to be orphaned or abandoned baby wildlife, before disturbing them please check the DFW Wildlife Coalition website or call 972-234-WILD.

If you find an injured animal, please contact 311 to report it. You may be referred to a City of Dallas animal control officer trained in wildlife or to 911 Wildlife, which offers humane animal and wildlife removal, relocation and control services.


If you find an orphaned or injured bird. READ before approaching wildlife.
A step-by-step what-to-do.


Coexisting with wildlife (other than himself): video
Dealing with wildlife issues mini tutorials. READ before approaching wildlife.
A step-by-step what-to-do.
A step-by-step what-to-do.
Solving wildlife problems videos


To reduce, through public outreach and education, the incidence of orphaned or euthanized native wildlife.
Creating communities, where humane and non-lethal solutions are given priority when addressing conflicts between people and wildlife

Infant or Injured Wildlife: Drop-Off Centers


On the front line to end the mistreatment of bats.

Birds: all kinds

To help injured, sick or orphaned birds and animals return to their natural environment. More info.

Birds: raptors

Education and conservation of birds of prey and wildlife in their natural habitat.

Birds, reptiles, amphibians

Caring for all small animals, including dogs, cats, birds, pot bellied pigs and reptiles.

Bobcats, opossums, raccoons, skunks

To help injured, orphaned, sick, displaced, and unwanted wildlife return to the wild.

Wildlife (infant only): all kinds

Emphasis on urban homesteading, energy conservation and organic gardening.

Landscaping for Wildlife

Make a home for birds, butterflies, and nature’s other creatures.
Helping restore habitat and wildlife populations to our cities, towns and neighborhoods.
Habitat restoration and conservation planning for rural and urban areas.


Addressing wildlife issues in populated areas.
Aiding neighborhoods and groups in sustainable wildlife management.
Compilation of North Texas wildlife activism and resources.

Wildlife Enthusiasts

Photo blog documenting the diversity of Dallas/Fort Worth.
Online networking to help wildlife and habitat through data collection and analysis.
To provide education, outreach, and service for the beneficial management of natural resources and natural areas.
Learn about plants and animals while contributing to research and conservation efforts.