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311 for City of Dallas Services

311 for City of Dallas Services

Squeaky wheels get the grease. Be a squeaky wheel for your neighborhood! See it, snap it, send it. Check back on the progress of your complaint.


Smart Phone App

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  • @311





  • 311
  • 214-670-3111 (if that doesn’t work)

Report Issues Such As:

Damages from City Vehicles or Activities
Garbage / Recycling / Bulk Trash Pickup
Water / Sewage


Garbage or Recycling Can Replacement
Sidewalk Repairs
Street / Alley Repairs
Traffic Signal or Sign Placement / Adjustment

Report Code Violations
Such As:

Building Permits Violation
Lighting Ordinance Violations
Restaurant / Food Safety Complaint
Standing Water
Watering Ordinance Violations

Report Problems
Such As:

Air or Water Pollution
Bike Path or Park Trail Issues
Bulk Trash Violation
Creek / Culvert / Drain Blockage
Dead Animal Pickup
Garage Sale Violations
Illegal Dumping 
Illegal Signs
Loose or Problem Animal
Mosquito: Do Not Spray
Mosquito: Standing Water
Mosquito: Suspected West Nile Wildlife
Obstruction (street, alley, sidewalk)
Park or Recreation Center Issues
Road / Sidewalk Repair
Signs in Public Right of Ways
Structure: Open or Vacant
Structure: Substandard
Traffic Sign Issues

Police Matters Such As:

Increased Patrols Request
Noise Ordinance Violations
Parking Violations
Suspected Criminal Activity