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Garbage/Recycling/Bulk Trash

Garbage/Recycling/Bulk Trash

Garbage & Recycling Collection Day

  • Friday

Brush and Bulk Collection Day

  • 2nd Monday of the month (of the 2nd full week)

Get Notified

Visit the city sanitation webpage to sign up and to sign up for a monthly email reminder of brush and bulk collection. Or download an app for notifications.

  • Dates for regular trash and recycling pickup
  • Bulk trash rules and regulations
  • Recycling tips
  • Report a trash problem

More info:

Cost Plus Haul-Off Service

  • Low cost, on-demand collection of bulk or construction materials.

Northeast (Fair Oaks) Transfer Station

  • Do-it-yourself disposal of bulk refuse for Dallas residents.
    7677 Fair Oaks Avenue, Dallas, TX 75231
    (214) 670-6126

Hazardous Household Waste

City of Dallas policies and collection events

Dallas County Home Chemical Collection Center

  • Do-it-yourself disposal of hazardous household waste for Dallas County residents.
    11234 Plano Rd Dallas, TX 75243-8506
    (214) 553-1765