Nextdoor for Residents

Nextdoor for Residents

 — Connecting Neighbors for a Better Neighborhood

Nextdoor is described as Facebook for neighborhoods. While the population of Eastwood is diverse, we all share the same concerns for our neighborhood. That’s why Nextdoor was developed. Neighborhood associations belong to Nextdoor and invite their residents to join.

Once in the Nextdoor system, residents can:

  • Discuss suspicious activities.
  • Share and search recommendations.
  • Post free classifieds for items or services.
  • Use the map to locate and contact neighbors.
  • Search for lost pets and announce found ones.
  • Read messages from Dallas Police and other city entities.
  • And many other ways to share your knowledge with the neighborhood.

Available as both a website and smart-phone app, you can customize your Nextdoor to receive notices of postings immediately or daily according to the categories you choose. You can post only to Eastwood, or to the surrounding neighborhoods as well.

Be a part of Nextdoor! Visit Nextdoor and enter your home address to begin. Be sure to complete the entire verification process.