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Police, Fire & Emergency

Police, Fire & Emergency

In times of emergencies or criminal activity, call 911.



Northeast Dallas Police Substation

Facebook page
9915 East Northwest Highway, Dallas, Texas 75238
Main switchboard: 214-670-4415
Community Engagement Officer: 214-670-7747
Eastwood is located in the Reporting Area 1127.

Dallas Police: Crime Reports

Active Calls
Sort by Reporting Area and find 1127.

Dallas Police Crime Reports
Agree to User Terms and enter 1127 as the Reporting Area.

Dallas Police: Crime Prevention

Dallas Crime Watch
Organizing and educating neighborhoods for better crime prevention and police response.

Dallas Police Crime Prevention Information
Helping citizens avoid being crime victims.

Citizens Police Academy
Behind-the-scenes look at police operations.

iWatch Dallas
An app for reporting crime.

National Crime Prevention Council
Researching ways to reduce crime.

Social media to help neighborhoods communicate about community issues including crime.

Volunteers in Patrol
Trained citizen patrols that report suspicious activity to 911.

Criminal Trespass Affidavit Program
Allows persons responsible for the property and the DPD to work together to reduce criminal activities on private property.

Home & Business Security Survey
Texas law provides for reductions in homeowner’s insurance premiums if your home complies with certain security standards.


Dallas Fire-Rescue Station
10480 E Northwest Hwy at Lullwater, Dallas, TX 75238
(214) 670-5466

Dallas Fire-Rescue Citizen’s Fire Academy
Behind-the-scenes look at fire and rescue operations.

Fire Safety Tips
Smoke alarms, escape planning and safety.

Safety Awareness
Tips for home, school, business and industry.


City of Dallas Office of Emergency Management
Information on responding to violent weather, floods and natural disasters.

Community Emergency Response Team (CERT)
Creating skilled volunteers to assist professionals in emergency response.
Dallas CERT Training

Stay on top of local emergencies with this app.

Know What to Do
Promoting emergency preparedness for North Central Texas.

Detailed information from the U.S. government on preparing for and responding to emergencies of all kinds. Incredible resource.


Emergency: Weather

Flood Control: Trinity Watershed Management
Learn the level of floodwaters on creeks, rivers and lakes in Dallas.

National Weather Service
The primary source of weather news for North Central Texas.

App that quickly shows the weather radar and conditions around your immediate area.