Dixon Branch Creek Crawl ?>

Dixon Branch Creek Crawl

July 2 Sunday (new date) — 1 to 2 pm
Meet at Playground Park (Lippit/Sylvania at Sinclair)

We put on our old sneakers or sandals and wade Dixon Branch. The stretch from Eastwood Beach upstream to Easton has a rocky bottom and is especially pretty. It even has seeps! Children are welcome, but must be accompanied by an adult guardian. Well behaved dogs that don’t bother wildlife are fine. Event will be led by Michael Parkey of the riparian committee. Please join us, and let us share our passion for nature in our neighborhood.

Escape from the heat in the cool rushing water of Dixon Branch. Be mesmerized by the shimmer of bright sunlight piercing the clear water and bouncing off the white limestone water.shimmergravel bottom. Stand in the water and gaze up through the bowers of hickories and elms four stories tall. Listen to the songbirds announcing your presence in the creek.

Dixon Branch is a permanent stream that flows all year, a significant feeder of White Rock Lake. Water quality tests show that it has some of the cleanest water you will ever find in an urban water body. It’s waist-deep in many places, enough for children and dogs to swim. You can even sit on a limestone ledge and feel the bracingly cold water of a flowing feeder seep, just like in the Hill Country.

tree.canopyExpect to see tiny sunfish, which dig pits in the white gravel to lay eggs. The schools of sunfish other species of fish are easy to see in the clear water. We may even see turtles, herons, and wood ducks.

Put on your old shorts or swim suit, and wear old tennis shoes, river sandals, or waders. The bottom is slippery and the rocks can be sharp, so bare feet are a very bad idea. A walking stick, or an impromptu one crafted from a fallen branch, is very helpful. Expect to get wet — it is easy (and fun!) to fall in. In other words, leave the new smart phone or expensive camera at home.


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